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Welcome to PFC

Priyanka Food Corporation (PFC) is a leading agriculture commodities trading firm, with a experience of more than four decades. With a wide network of buyers and suppliers all over India. PFC serves a large clientele and plays a large role with clients needs in all Edible Oil, Oil Seeds and Food Grains.

PFC specializes in the Mustard/Rapeseed Oil and Oil seed has much expertise in the trading of other agriculture grains and cereals like Barley, Millets, Wheat, Corn/Maize, Chickpea/Gram, Broken Rice and by-products.

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Know about Food Grains and Edible Oil

Most essential and vital components for human

Foodgrains are one of the most essential and vital components of Human survival. Besides the most commonly consumed foodgrains such as Rice and Wheat , which are common the world over, there are other foodgrains, such as the various Cereals, Pulses and Lentils which when consumed, complete the nutritional requirement of today’s fast paced life.

India's edible oil industry in a global perspective

India has gained importance in the world over the last few years by virtue of becoming the world's number one importer of edible oils and an exporter of protein meals. The relatively cheaper logistics cost of supplying vegetable protein to the importing countries in the Asian area has given India an edge over other exporting countries.

Why us?

Building long-term relationships

PFC believes in providing straightforward and informed marketing information and ideas, demonstrating flexibility and agility in trade execution, and striving to supply detailed and timely contract and shipment processing, we can build on our reputation as one of the nation’s premier, independently owned physical trading companies.

Merchandising physical commodities is the core of our business, and our commitment to building long-term relationships gives us perspective into the needs of our customers.

Providing superior Quality of Products!

We are a major player in feed ingredients markets across North India
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